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Hoping to be comeback specialists again

Ortiz325.jpgWe’ve been here before, backs against the wall, no margin for error, and come back on teams. There’s no choice now but to do it again. We’ve got to play to win and continue the season.

Our offense got shut down these first two games, but they’ve been pitching well. Good pitching can stop good offense. That’s what they’ve been doing to hold us down.

We’ve been playing better at home all year long. Hopefully going back home will give us a better chance, and we’ll try to come back here for a Game 5.

We hit better at home, everyone knows that. So hopefully that will be the case when we get back there on Sunday. Time to go back to the house and get it done.

I remember in ’03 we were faced with this situation after losing the first two in Oakland and we won that series. And everyone remembers ’04 and ’07 and the comebacks we made in the ALCS. Can that help us now?

We’ll see. We never change our mentality. We always try to keep on winning games and we’ll try to bounce back. We’re the specialists in that one.

This is what the situation is now and there’s nothing we can do about it. You have to play against whoever and beat whoever, and Sunday, all we’ll think about is playing well in that game. The last two guys, John Lackey and Jered Weaver, they’ve done a good job. We’ll try to see some pitches to hit and drive them.

The home crowd always pumps us up. So the fans just need to support us like always and I’m sure they will. Hopefully Fenway is as loud as it was for us as it was for the Angels in Anaheim. That would really help.