Welcome to my new blog!

I’m in the middle of another exciting season with a Red Sox team that is headed right for the playoffs again, and while I continue to find my swing at the plate, I’m also happy to announce the launch of my new blog here at davidortiz.mlblogs.com.

I have also just launched my new official website, DavidOrtiz.com, where you can visit to check out my new product offerings, some featured Q&As, lots of video, photo galleries and more.

Check back throughout the season on both my new site and my blog for updates from me … and see what I’m up to in the offseason too!

Talk to you soon …


  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Glad to have you on here! I think you’re finding your swing at the plate :). We’re hear for you all the way no matter what. Thank you so much for everything you do. Keep blogging when you can!
    The Future Blog of the Red Sox

  2. cursebuster

    Hi David, Your Webite is dynamite!!!!!!! The Field Angel’s are with you and the Red Sox always. Last night the New York Yankees got beat by the Washington Nationals, the team with the worst record in all of baseball. I say New York Yankees, Welcome to the Curse of Amy!!!!! Go Big Papi and send those fastballs into the friendly skies of Heaven.

  3. mjgomes771@yahoo.com

    Hey David,

    So glad that you started a BLOG and can’t wait to read what you have to share. You will always big our Big Papi and though I am glad you have started to get your groove back, we love you and believe in you through the good and bad.

    Keep safe, healty and happy.

  4. sox4pennant

    I have been a huge fan of you since you became a Red Sox in 2003! Come check out my blog!

  5. fruitgirl

    Happy to have you on the MLB Blogsite. You will give a great inside view of the Red Sox team and a unique look at the world of baseball. I look forward to your entries…and feel free to poke fun of your team mates….we won’t tell. You are the face of the Red Sox team, and I only wish that more players took time to connect with fans. Thanks.

  6. a1wilbar@verizon.net

    Big Papi,
    You are beloved in this town, you have given so much to everyone. If you need any coaching on life, please call coach@newyoulc.com in Foxboro, 508-543-4139. Keep up the good work!! Andrea

  7. erikbitetto@yahoo.com

    Hey Papi!
    You are so humble and such a great person! It is refreshing to see a pro athlete such as yourself these days! My girlfriend is not a huge baseball fan but enjoys when I talk about you! We hope to see a game this year if we can ever afford it, it’s been years! Bo Sox all the way!
    Erik Bitetto (erikbitetto@yahoo.com)

  8. aries

    Hi David;

    I am writing from Southern California and praying the slumping Angels can beat up the Yankees tonight.
    I am an old time Red Sox fan- a senior citizen that enjoys watching and keeping up with my Red Sox on my computer.
    I am glad you are doing this blog.
    I wear your shirt and number proudly to games here when the Red Sox are out here. This year when you started off slow, I got kidded about my loyality. I told everyone that we need to return to the time when people respect the old timer. I knew you would get into the grove soon.
    Growing up with the 1946 Red Sox and being loyal all these years, 2004 was pure joy for me.
    However this year’s team is the best yet. This team you are on is balanced and everyone plays hard and really loves what they do.
    I write to the Insider alot ( Voice of the Red Sox) and make this comment a lot. In the past we have had great stars but not teams that played as one. It is great to be a Red Sox fan in the 21st century.
    Please keep up your good works and if I can help in Ca. I will do what I can do.
    Have a good rest during the All Star Break and come back swinging.
    The Teacher (Elaine Liming

  9. soxfan1960

    Hi Mr. Ortiz: I think your doing a blog is a great idea. I look forward to hearing what you think and also checking out your site.

    I never thought for even one minute that you wouldn’t turn your season around. I told everyone one the RedSox headlines stories that you would because your just too good a hitter to be kept down. Everyone has tough times and lets face it you are David Ortiz one of the most feared hitters in the game of baseball.

    Congrats on your 300th homerun and now you can just relax and smack some more for the team.

  10. lillasoxfan@verizon.net

    Hi Big Papi. You are my hero! I’ve watched you struggle, but you are always the first one at the top of the steps to congratulate your teammates. That’s a sign of class!!! I’ve loved watching you all these years and look forward to many more. I’ve been a Red Sox fan(atic) for more than 50 years and you are truly one of my all time favorites. God Bless.

  11. ednbetty07@yahoo.com

    The Red Sox have been my favorite team for the past 27 years. And other than Pedro Martinez, you have been my favorite and I have been behind you through thick and thin. I am glad that you are now back on the plate and doing good. I have my whole bedroom with all of your pictures and anything else that is of you or of the Boston Red Sox. My one wish is to one day meet you in person and get your autoraph and hopefuly a picture with you. I am truely one of your biggest fans, and am truely glad that you are with my favorite team. Love and Best Wishes,
    Bettyann Johnson

  12. Jennifer

    Big Papi is on the MLBlogs! YAY! You are my favorite Red Sox player. You can see proof of that on my blog. I was pretty worried about you earlier in the season but knew you would get back in the groove. We believe in you, David. No one wants to see Big Papi struggling at the plate (except the opposing team).

    Thank you for hitting that 3-run homer for me this past Saturday night against the Orioles. When you came up to the plate, I just knew you were going to hit it. I put the video up on my blog. (Not very high quality tho…)

    I hope you will continue to post your thoughts and perspective on the game here. Keep up the great work!


  13. kcamjd3@aol.com

    Hey Big Fraud. You said all players who get caught using PED’s should be banned for a year. You gonna ban yourself now that it came out you tested positive for PED’s in 2003? Your a clown and a joke. Its obvious why your struggling this year. You aint doping. Big Jokester.

  14. charway09

    I used to be a big fan of yours. I don’t know how I can ever root for you again after finding out you tested positive for PED’s. I think you are an embarrassment to Red Sox fans. I think you should be banned for a year just like you suggested for others. I don’t care if I ever see you in a Red Sox uniform again. You are a liar and a cheater, David Roidtiz.

  15. jordyn007@comcast.net

    never mind what or whos names are on the 2003 list. just do what you do. i think they are trying to ruin baseball. otherwise they would either put up the whole list or shut up about it , . i am 67 yrs old, been watching the sox for many years and have seen a lot go on. . the sun still comes up in the morning . . what is going on in this world is a lot more serious. / i would say if any player is doing it today then that needs to be dealt with , everyone loves you . hold your head up and keep clutching sandy burt concord nh

  16. bo42sox@yahoo.com

    I live in Ohio,but brought up in New England. I have 4 boys 1 girl,and brought up 2 boys and my Daughter the right way,They live,breathe the Red Sox,we are all part of the Red Sox Nation,Big Papi,we love you!!!

  17. jlent@hi-tempfab.com

    What really matters regarding ‘the list’, is what kids will think of you when this is all over. Twenty years from now, how many people will say, “Baseball? I lost interest when steroids became more important that the game itself”.
    If anybody could turn this around into a positive outcome, I think it would be you. Even if A-rod never did anything stronger than a cup of tea, I still would not like him. You I like.

  18. didarrow@earthlink.net

    I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through right now. Mostly I am pleased that you have chosen to speak the truth and clear up the record.
    I wish they would publish the whole dang list and get over this. The month by month dribble of names and hurting baseball. It is becoming a hit list and enough is enough. I believe we are at a turning point now and that the power of this list is fading.
    I am routing for you on Saturday. Good luck at the press conference. Speak the truth and all will be fine.
    God bless

  19. davegoush@aol.com

    Hi Papi,
    Well I just had a situation happen here with my 5 yr old that I thought you should know about. My 5 yr old son Antoneo is a major baseball fan, He love the red sox and is just now learning to identify the individual players on teams. I was just watching your press conference in NT on the steroids list issue and he walked into the room and sat down. He started reading the captions on the screen (with some help from me). I then was led into a discussion that I never thought I would be having with my 5 yr old at this time. It was about drugs. First I had to explain the word drugs to him. Then the effects of drugs, etc. I guess I will be having this duscussion many more times in his life but here is the issue I thought was of concern to all parents and you.

    Once I had explained all of this to him, his first question was ………………..Did Papi do drugs? Is his body and brain all messed up now daddy? Being as he is 5 yrs old I can sort of skirt the issue at this point, but it brought me to thinking. How many older kids are asking the same questions and what is their impression of you now? Just because someone in the government position wants to play some game with major league players for their own sadistic joy, should this be allowed to effect hundreds of thousands of future baseball players and kids throughout the nation like it is?

    Just a suggestion here for your young fans, you may want to make some public announcement to them in some way to reassure them that you are the player they have come to adore. By the way my answer to my son when he asked me if you had done drugs was………………….No son Big Papi does not do those things.

    Take care and get your hitting streak going. You 5 yr old fans are watching. (now ther’s motivation huh?)

    Dave and Antoneo Goush
    Indianapolis, IN

  20. mom2savannahdove@yahoo.com

    Wow Pretty impressive 5 Year old……….Get Real Dave Goush. You can’t even completely formulate your post without typos and run on sentences. And you want us to believe you had this conversation with your 5 year old? Are you trying to embellish this story to have the greatest impact on Big Papi? At least make your story believable. A 5 year old wouldn’t even listen to his dad blab that long. Get over yourself and your made up scenario and proof read first. We all make mistakes. Some of us even stretch the truth. I don’t think a 5 year old will be tainted by his dad’s anti Papi rant.

    I agree that the whole list should be published or thrown out!

  21. v1976c

    Hey “Big Papi” how are you? I am doing fine. I have a question I wanted to know if you are the same person who used to go by the name of David Arias for the Twins? If you are How did you get so big and strong? David Arias was smaller and never hit more than 20 home runs. Also did you ever get to the bottom of this whole PED allegation thing I’m still waiting for your answers. Gooooo Soxxxxx.

  22. write2me@jeralynfelts.com

    What I Learn From Big Papi 2009
    Show up
    Let your friends help
    Make adjustments
    Stand in the box
    Look for opportunities.

    You have inspired me this season as I struggle to adjust to living with a chronic illness.

    Thanks for hitting the walk off for me. I was in the park that night. Jeralyn

  23. kellysmama4ever@aol.com

    Hi David,(Dearest Papi)
    I live in Boston, formerly from Newton and very near you. I LOVE you, and think your the best, please do not beat on yourself for anything from last season, we know the Sox bounce back and so will you! I have never lost faith in you and never will. My husband met you briefly at Fenway while giving out cards, it was a rain out that night, you walked by him going up the stairs to see someone you knew. I heard you say *Hey* to him I was on the other phone and so wish he got your autograph, which we would treasure forever! You are by far my favorite player!
    Go Sox in 2010 and Go Big Papi too.
    Love Susan Mahoney

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