Feeling good at the plate


Hi to everybody out there.

Welcome to my new blog, and my new website, DavidOrtiz.com.

Why start a Web site now? The main reason is because I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on off the field, and I think this would be a great way for the fans to connect with me directly rather than just going somewhere else that’s not focused on what I want to do.

I think that by having my own Web site, people can see whatever I’ve got going on and hopefully decide whether to get involved, whether it be a link to my charity, the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, a new commercial or endorsement deal, or updates on my charity golf classic.

Fans can also hear what’s on my mind when it comes to myself, the team and what might be going on around the league.

Things have been clicking for me at the plate lately, and I feel good. As for earlier in the year, when I was having a tough time, as I always say, sometimes there are things that people don’t get to see that bother you and gets you out of the way you’re used to. Sometimes, it can be personal stuff or other things. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to relate my personal life to how I’m going in the game, but we are human. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you try. You can’t avoid that.

The good thing now is I feel good — I’m back. I’m the kind of guy who a lot of people count on, and I’ve got to try to keep it that way.

The first two months, I had a lot of ups and downs, and then there was just one day when I started to feel good, and I hit it good, and I had bad results. Now, I’m putting good swings on the ball, and I’m getting my hits. Even on those bad days now, I’ll take a bad swing, but I’ll still produce. Things even up.

We have the All-Star break coming up next week, and this is the first time in awhile I’ve actually had it off. Don’t get me wrong, it was great making the All-Star team the last five years. I had a great time. But maybe it will help to shut it down and think about what went wrong for me to not be there.

This year, the game is in a National League park, and the Red Sox spoke to me early in the season about the ballot. I told them I agreed that Youk should be the first baseman on the ballot. He’s the guy that’s been playing first for us for the past few years, and he’s doing a great job. I’ve been honored by the fans voting me on in the past, but I think it would have just been wrong to not have him on the ballot as the first baseman. That wouldn’t have been fair. Youk has been great for us this season, and I’m happy he will be representing us at the game this year.

Also congrats to my other teammates who made the team: Bay, Dustin, Papelbon, Josh and Wake.

As a designated hitter, I would have been chosen as a reserve if I had a good season, as has happened in the past. I know the first couple of months of the season were tough for me, so I wasn’t even expecting to be at the All-Star Game this year. I’m just going to chill out with the family and do things I haven’t had a chance to do the last five years. I knew my family was getting used to being at the All-Star Game, and that was a fun time. It’s an experience. But now, I’ll just hang out, refresh and get ready for a great second half.

We have a lot to feel good about at the All-Star break. This is a good team. We’ve been winning games and building something good around here. We saw it before in 2004 and 2007 where you just chip away and next thing you know, you’re fighting for a championship.

This team the past five years has been all about chemistry, and we still have it. We’re still rolling the same way like always.


  1. itsmarrrxo@aim.com

    You have been hitting better, and I know that sometimes you guys have your bad days, & that doesn’t make me think lesser of you. You aren’t robots that can perform to a certain standard the same way every game.

    Have fun! (:

  2. wyntermute@gmail.com

    Papi, we love you. You’re a hitter – it’s in your blood. Don’t think too much about it during the break, just get some time to relax and have some fun. It’s clicking for you now because you don’t doubt it.

    We’re going to need that big swing of yours for the next few months if we’re gonna see another World Series!

  3. orangebirds

    David you are a beast when you get on fire. They need to put you out with some water! Hah. I am an O’s fan but I still respect you because you are the best of the best!
    -birdland blog

  4. carlweber01@gmail.com

    Great website! As a Red Sox fan living in New York [Booooo], this is a great way to get a feel for what’s going on with you and the team.
    Looking forward to a great second half!

  5. papisgirl

    Hey Papi! You are an outstanding person who happens to play excellent ball!

    What a thrill to watch you hit #300 tonight – way to go!

    Enjoy your time off with your family and come back in good shape.

    Hope you don’t mind my ID: papisgirl – I am just a huge fan that misses Boston. We are living in GA now but never miss a game on MLB DirectTV

  6. yankeesequalgarbage

    Hey Papi! Glad to see you relaxed at the plate. I was so happy for you when I started seeing you get in a grove. As you said, who the hell is old at 33? I was so confident I dropped $200 on a David Ortiz jersey just to prove a point. Now lets work on building that division lead, and bring us another ring baby!

    Showing the love from New Jersey!

    PS. Check me out anytime at http://www.thenewdynasty.net and drop a comment. Always nice to have players and fellow writers drop in and say hello. I’ve been slacking as I finish up my degree, but I’ll be picking back up as the all-star break comes to an end.

  7. samzuel


    Glad to see you are finding more innovative ways of keeping up with your fans. Congratulations on 300 HR. What a milestone, you are now 122 on the all time homerun list, and can still continue to move up. Slump or not Papi, you will always be my personal hero, and a hero to the BoSoxs.

    Thank you for 2004 (and 2007).


  8. santi9519

    Hola David, your just greeat.
    not many players can come out of a slump like that, but your strong and of course a red sox, keep blastin the ball ,
    Santiago from CT

  9. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Keep it up Papi! And a huge hand from me for reaching homer #300. What a fabulous career as a Red Sox player you’ve had so far.

  10. iraqvet-aka-warhog7

    Big Papi, the Man, hey just wanted to let you know that everyone is glad to see you come out of your slump, we all knew you could do it!!! You are truly one of Red Sox Nation’s beloved!!! I also want to thank you for the June 5th game versus the Rangers. My Army unit which is stationed here in Natick did the Color Guard for the pre-game and you were the only player to come up to us and sign autographs, take pictures etc. Myself being a Red Sox fan it was truly the experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much for taking 5 minutes and coming to talk to us!!! Keep up the good work and keep sending balls to souvenir city!!!!!!

  11. tfates@allenmatkins.com

    Papi, it is so sweet to see you swinging the bat with confidence again, hitting the long ball and driving in runs. It’s a huge lift for the team and the fans. Congrats on #300, a great milestone. Get some rest over the break– we’ll need that big bat if we’re gonna hold off the Yanks in the second half. Ted

  12. snwqn

    Hey Papi!

    I felt so bad for you when you were struggling, it’s good to see you hitting the ball again anad having fun.

    Keep up the good work both on and off the field.


  13. mrvegas702

    Hey Papi, its great to see you got you’re groove back,for what it’s worth I never lost faith on you. Been a redsox fan since ’96 and I can honestly said that you are my favorite player along with Nomar, Pedro & yes Manny. One thing I have notice it’s that ever since Magadan took over as a hiiting coach the offence has suffered a steady decline on a yearly basis altough you can’t arguee with the results (two world series titles) Anyways it’s great to see you having fun & looking forward for another world series run. PS would love to heard back from you.

  14. brad@bbays.com

    Papi . . . Gracias a Dios porque you are hitting again!! We all know that baseball has its superstitions . . . gotta share this story with you!!

    Back in May, I was shopping and found a bottle of “Vintage Papi” wine at the liquor store. The label said that a portion of the proceeds went to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund . . . I was glad to donate and planned on opening the wine to celebrate the end of your early season slump . . .

    Ay, Dios mio . . . three weeks and I couldn’t open the wine. Not only was I thirsty, but mi amigo Papi still had no home runs!! Finally, one night, I told my wife that we were opening the wine anyway . . . maybe that would make something happen!!

    Papi hit his first home run of the season that day . . . later that week, I soaked the labels off the wine bottle and framed them. The framed labels have been sitting on my desk ever since . . . and Papi has come out of the slump!!.

    The wine label will stay there for the rest of the season!

    Tu amigo,


  15. phila

    Papi- It seems that you are swinging with more confidence. You are putting your weight behind your swing, rather than just trying to make contact as you did earlier in the season. The result is that you are really driving that ball. It’s obvious as soon as the ball leaves the bat. I am sure you can tell it better than we can. You can feel it- all we can do is see it. Try to relax during the AL break and come in with a fresh perspective the rest of the season. Good luck. Phil

  16. phila

    Papi- A suggestion- When playing at Fenway, and particulary against lefthanders- you should focus on going the opposite way. They are continuallly throwing you curve balls outside and you look bad fishing for them, trying to pull the ball. By going the opposite way you certainly have the power to not only pepper the wall but also to clear it. Force them to come inside to you and then drive it. But- again, focus on going the opposite way. I know you could do it.Good luck.

  17. thisnyerlovestheredsox


    You are everything great about the Red Sox! A great team mate, an exceptional player and a great man. Your loyalty and kind manner is appreciated by the Fenway faithful and Red Sox Nation! Blessings to you and yours.

  18. j2atmay@aol.com

    Hi Sir,
    I have been watching you for years since you joind the redsox. This has been a tough year but I want you to remember you are the heart of the team as much as Jason V, Tim W, Dusty and well every one. Have a good few days off and try to focus on the good things.

  19. 26rings4ever

    Pitchers don’t want to face you again. keep driving the ball and keep hitting those little line drives to left on the soft stuff away

  20. 26rings4ever

    Pitchers don’t want to face you again. keep driving the ball and keep hitting those little line drives to left on the soft stuff away

  21. talent4u


    I’m thrilled that you started this page for fans. I know that all who love you and The Red Sox will also.

    I just wanted you to know that I think that your 11 home runs you hit your first to the last one is quite a record for so many in such a short period of time. There are players all over both leagues who haven’t evne hit 7, 8 or 9 home runs all year. You are back on track and I know that you are going to be a very big asset to The Red Sox for the second half of this season.

    Also, I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate all of the time and devotion you and all the players put into making for an entertaining year for all Americans in the All American Sport of Baseball. I reallize how difficult it is to do what you are doing with all the traveling, packing , unpacking, time change, the flights, the hotels, the food change and all that goes with it. Many soon forget how much you players go through to get this all done so we may enjoy baseball. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done. It’s a journey I hope never ends.
    Stay happy and healthy,

    George M.
    Kansas City, MO

  22. redsoxgirl48

    I know you are hitting again and well we love it but you kinda changed you swing no spit ,spit , clap,clap you are just spitting once and clapping once .Really glad to see you smile again the hitting is great but you being happy that is what carries this team through some real stinkers..

  23. nursey84

    I’ve been wearing all 6 of my various Ortiz tee-shirts and baseball shirts with pride since 2004. INCLUDING when you weren’t having great contact with the ball. ESPECIALLY during that time. A TRUE Red Sox fan sticks with her team during the great times as well as the trying ones. We can never forget what you have done and meant to Red Sox Nation. Here’s to many more years of Big Papi representing us. Health, happiness, and a blessed family to you. (I’m still holding out on hope to win that big hug from you )
    From NC

  24. advicebylee@aol.com

    My two and a half year old nephew has been doing the spit-spit-clap-clap and then pretending to bat for a year now! We ask him, “What does David Ortiz do?” and he loves to show us. It is sooooo cute and funny as heck! He makes the spit sounds, too!

  25. sockmarket

    Hola Papi. You may very well go down in history as one of the top 5 clutch hitters in MLB history. It’s sooooo nice to see you hit your groove. Here’s to another 4-5 highly productive years. Here’s to a 2009 Sox WS victory and dynasty. Keep seein’ and smackin’ da ball!

  26. mpats1106@hotmail.com

    Papi – You’re the greatest and you know Boston fans love you no matter what! You’re bat is really clicking these days!! I cheered you at Game 6 of the American League Championship in Tampa last year surrounded by Rays fans who weren’t too happy with me. You looked over and nodded in appreciation. I’ll never forget it. My son’s first game ever you hit a walk off home run in the 10th inning at Fenway. (one of many of course) We love you, great blog and here’s to a successful 2009 season!

  27. fartball

    David, I just saw a clip of you hitting a double off the wall in Texas but it really made me sad because after you hit it, you stood there looking to see if it was going to be a home run instead of running it out. It has always confounded how some hitters will stand there watching their home runs. To me it’s always seemed to be a display of pride, risking the success of the team should the ball not go over the wall. Please hustle!

  28. fartball

    David, I just saw a clip of you hitting a double off the wall in Texas but it really made me sad because after you hit it, you stood there looking to see if it was going to be a home run instead of running it out. It has always confounded how some hitters will stand there watching their home runs. To me it’s always seemed to be a display of pride, risking the success of the team should the ball not go over the wall. Please hustle!

  29. indianslove

    Good Luck with everything. I respect that you are helping so many charities & people out- it’s a great thing to do 🙂

  30. albanygirl

    Great to have you back, Big Papi! The more you keep hitting especially during the rough spots, the better the Red Sox Nation — and the team — feels. Keep up the good work, and don’t swing at the junk they throw at you sometimes. Thanks for being there, and we welcome the end of this hitting slump, sooner the better, yes?

  31. albanygirl

    Great to have you back, Big Papi! The more you keep hitting especially during the rough spots, the better the Red Sox Nation — and the team — feels. Keep up the good work, and don’t swing at the junk they throw at you sometimes. Thanks for being there, and we welcome the end of this hitting slump, sooner the better, yes?

  32. Jennifer

    Hey Big Papi! Love your new website. Everyone’s comments here are really a testament to how much you are loved by fans throughout the MLB. That was very touching what the one guy wrote about you greeting the color guard at Fenway. Speaks volumes about the kind of man you are – true class!

    Good luck for a great second half of 2009!

    Go Sox!

  33. samsungrob

    YOU DID ROIDS!!!!!!!!!

    RED SOX 04* and 07*



  34. seabear3@verizon.net

    Very disappointed to read the news in the New York Times today. I had thought you were one of the few guys who stayed clean, even though your struggles gave me pause to wonder. You owe it to your fans, including my 5 year-old boy who wears your tee shirt everyday, to come clean. If you did it, own up to it, say you are sorry to all your fans, and promise it will never happen again.

  35. blewbyyou

    I don’t want to believe the reports… you’re “pleading the 5th” is disappointing. It would lead one to believe you got caught red-handed… If you knew you were on that list, why were you so adamant about your innocence?

    Well… I have stuck up for you for the past couple years, and you make a liar of me…one shame on you, twice shame on me. I think you owe us, the ones that provided you with millions of dollars by buying your merchandise, by coming to games, by believing in you, and letting you rise to super stardom, you owe us the truth.

    If you didn’t do it, I would apologize for ever have entertained the thought, I have defended you and continue to do so. If you did it….it has been a good ride, but lying is one offense I can not forgive.

    Come clean, face the music, and own your actions. A public figure that depends on our money to make your millions; you are not given the luxury of taking time to formulate your “spin.”

    Waiting on you, Papi
    Erie, PA

  36. samsungrob

    Thank you for starting a blog so that i can read all the nice things people will be saying about you starting……now

  37. tazdevil

    ’04 & ’07 are now tainted w.s. victories! LOL I knew it took cheaters to win! So what are you gonna come out and say now? Oh wait wait it was a dietary Supplement!….please Papi we now know what got you big . So when you said that anyone caught using should be thrown out of the game does that include yourself or was that just ment for every one else….oh wait let me guess manny gave it to you and you didnt realize what it was but took it anyway right…wink wink! ROID SOX ! …..Then was that really an injury to schillings ankle or maybe that was an injection site gone bad!…HAHAHAHAHAHA

  38. danloney

    So Big Papi:

    Did you or didn’t you use roids????

    Sure can change the perception of a person if you did…

  39. devilabrit

    tazdevil- nice comment, IF YOUR 12, no pun intended but you give the name a bad name…. when did Schilling get involved, give the guy a chance to offer his side of the events, trust me I don’t condone it and I think Manny should have got a lot worse punishment than he did, but geez act like an adult and stick to the facts
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  40. redrookie

    Say it ain’t so Papi! I was so disappointed to hear you were one to test positive in ’03. I can see Manny doing it, and Aroid, but not Big Papi. That being said, I want to see you healthy and hitting like the monster that you can. You don’t need that crap. What have you got to say to your fans?

  41. lilah09

    Papi, I am heartbroken. You are my favorite player – ever. I would never have believed for a second that you would have done steroids. The reason that you’re my favorite player is your big heart, warm, caring personality and that you seem to be very honest, sincere and have a lot of integrity – it just doesn’t make any sense to me. The only thing that would be even worse than cheating is lying about it so PLEASE tell the whole truth, even if it’s bad. I hate to say it but your line about “Based on the way I have lived my life, I am surprised I tested positive” sounds like a vague, semi-denial (PR machine spin). If you’re really totally innocent, something like “I have never knowingly taken any banned substance” is much more definitive. But if you took something, just admit it. As we’ve seen w/too many politicians, the public can often forgive bad behavior if the person comes clean but when they try to cover it up, it’s unforgiveable.

  42. georgelema@yahoo.com

    Many insults were directed to yankee players and fans… World series run are tainted we heard.. Now I want to hear from you BIG PAPI… What facts are needed? Where is the big smile now? Where is the truthful player you pretended to be? It is now factual that Boston now has tainted both World series titles.. Manny, Big (now we know how you got that name) Papi, Arroyo, and who else from The Boston Steroid era? Where is the nation hiding? where are the fans who said that no Boston player was using? You are just like the rest of them. U NO BIG PA-PI!!!!

  43. shakenbake

    Alright David, a lot of people are going to be quick to condemn you. I’m not one of them, yet. You said you tested positive for something and you don’t know what. It could happen. You know what you did or didn’t do. You know that you can’t be suspended, you can’t be prosecuted for something that happened 9 years ago. You know that if you perform this year, you’ll be offered a contract next year. So, focus on the task at hand, a World Series run we can be proud of. In time, we will forgive you, 2003 be damned. You’ve always struck me as sincere. I believe that you are. So, no matter what the truth is, let us know. This is Red Sox Nation and we do things as a team. Win, lose or draw! I understand that you took those tests based on the guarantee that the results would be anonymous. The league gave blanket immunity to every player when they made that deal IMO, and that’s since been violated. That said, what we know, we can’t un-know. Hearing the news bothered me. It disappointed me. But, given that the baseball world (yea, us fans included) turned a blind eye, it was bound to get out of control. I understand that you meant what you said about testing positive now. You were speaking in the present, not living in the past. Good luck David, sincerely, good luck!

  44. vkid

    I am not saying anyone tested positive in 2003 is innocent, but please, we all know many many players were using PED prior to 2003. That’s why they needed that survey and regulate drug use in MLB later on. As long as they do not use it after 2003, it’s okay to me. These players get tested every year starting 2004. If Big Papi was using it all these years, he’d be caught already, like Manny did early this year.

    I love Big Papi and all Red Sox players. I sure hate to hear these players connected to any drug use. But again, it’s in 2003, 6 years ago! For those who question 04 and 07 victory, I can only say, some players failed to help their team to win even with the help of steroids.

  45. nyysbosoxkilla7

    hey ortiz just a quick question when you come to ny this week and when you set up to bat would you like us to chant “YOU DO STEROIDS” or “RICE AND BEANS”. just want to make it enjoyable for you. I remeber when you hit a homerun over my head in the right field upper deck in 2005 at yankee stadium well now I know how you really did and honestly you were the only red sox player i wouldnt talk bad about because i respected you but hey your only gonna get these chants when you come to town because of the classy fenway faithful decided to give arod the treatment so enjoy it when it comes. as much as i dont care for you now i do hope you produce those numbers again to prove us wrong. good luck

  46. soxfan0825

    Hello David, just wanted to let you know that I am 100% behind you. Just keep hitting and don’t let all of these distractions upset you. Ever since you’ve come to Boston, you’ve been nothing but a great hitter and a great teammate. Just stay true to who you are. I trust you and know that you’ll be completely upfront about everything as soon as you find out more information. Now, time to go out and gain some ground in the division! 🙂

  47. 2yankeeboy

    Hey big pop a needle in my arm! Why haven’t you made a new entry since the big news came out i really want to know what you are going to say about this are you going to make an excuse like injury or are you just gonna say you did it like arod??? please say something about it I really want to have a good laugh about it and btw at the Yankees series i will be one of the thousands of people booing and chanting steroids at you ok so strike out for me ok?

  48. mvincent

    Don’t let the haters get to you papi, as in NYC. Funny how the NY reporter broke his story before the Yankee series, lets keep it up 9-0 tonight against Justin Chamberlain

  49. vtex33

    Hey David this is one of the craziest season ever I mean you being accused of steroids. Don’t listen to the haters, you are still one of the best hitters on the Sox. Wanted to let you know many people are still 100% behind you.

  50. davegoush@aol.com

    Hi Papi,
    Well I just had a situation happen here with my 5 yr old that I thought you should know about. My 5 yr old son Antoneo is a major baseball fan, He love the red sox and is just now learning to identify the individual players on teams. I was just watching your press conference in NT on the steroids list issue and he walked into the room and sat down. He started reading the captions on the screen (with some help from me). I then was led into a discussion that I never thought I would be having with my 5 yr old at this time. It was about drugs. First I had to explain the word drugs to him. Then the effects of drugs, etc. I guess I will be having this duscussion many more times in his life but here is the issue I thought was of concern to all parents and you.

    Once I had explained all of this to him, his first question was ………………..Did Papi do drugs? Is his body and brain all messed up now daddy? Being as he is 5 yrs old I can sort of skirt the issue at this point, but it brought me to thinking. How many older kids are asking the same questions and what is their impression of you now? Just because someone in the government position wants to play some game with major league players for their own sadistic joy, should this be allowed to effect hundreds of thousands of future baseball players and kids throughout the nation like it is?

    Just a suggestion here for your young fans, you may want to make some public announcement to them in some way to reassure them that you are the player they have come to adore. By the way my answer to my son when he asked me if you had done drugs was………………….No son Big Papi does not do those things.

    Take care and get your hitting streak going. You 5 yr old fans are watching. (now ther’s motivation huh?)

    Dave and Antoneo Goush
    Indianapolis, IN

  51. mr.beijingbaseball@yahoo.com

    Come on Big Papi – come clean about the roids and your age man! Who at 33 has a grey beard!!! Come on bro!

  52. mr.beijingbaseball@yahoo.com

    Come on Big Papi – come clean about the roids and your age man! Who at 33 has a grey beard!!! Come on bro!

  53. juliasrants

    Mr. beijing – I started greying at 18!

    David, I just watched your press conference on TV. First – thank you for apologizing to us fans. Thank you for not reading from a script. Thank you for not placing the blame on a family member. Thank you for facing the media and taking questions from more then just a select few. I understand that not all our questions can be answered now – honestly, I wish they could have been – but you came across as credible to this jaded baseball fan. I lived enough decades that I have seen baseball change; and not all of it for the better. I believe you when you said, with you head held high, that you never bought or used steroids. That yes, you used supplements and vitamins, but never steroids. I believe you when you said that you have been tested more then 15 times since the testing program was implemented in 2004, including twice for the WBC, and that you have passed every one of those tests. To this fan you came across as honest and sincere in your grief that anything you had done had hurt the Red Sox and their fans. David, I can never “unknow” this news. But lets begin the task of moving forward and winning games. We fans want to see that famous smile again. We need it, your teammates need it; you need it David. Just go out and make us proud that you are a member of the Boston Red Sox.

    GO RED SOX!!!!


  54. jwilly166@t-online.de

    Dear Mr. Ortiz – I’ve been a SOX fan since Yaz won the triple crown back in 1967. Although I was a young boy, I have never forgotten the excitement of going to Fenway Park and enjoying the electricity of watching the best team play in front of the best fans in the world. One of the greatest thrills in my life came in 2004 when I retired from the military after 22 years of service. To my surprise, the men and women of my unit requested my retirement flag be flown over Fenway Park just before the SOX went on to win their first World Series in 86 years. I was stationed in Germany at the time and had to wake up at 2 A.M. to watch the games but let me tell you brother it was worth every second. In direct contrast this year is watching you struggle at the plate with every at bat. As a DH you are paid to hit (42 runs scored, 81 hits, 61 RBI, and a ******** .219 BA) and yet you play into the shift every time even when opposing teams give you the entire left side of the field. You’re either too proud, too stubborn, or just plain stupid to not make any adjustments until you find your stroke. Step off the plate a bit, shorten your swing, get your eyes checked, take what the other team will give you and stop trying to pull everything. You are single-handedly bringing down the entire offense. We all know you have very broad shoulders and practically carried the team back in 04 when you refused to quit. You don’t have to do that with this team. Play within your ability and everything will fall into place. I’m sorry to be so harsh but someone has to tell it like it is instead of telling you how great you are when your playing like a third rate DH. This is your wake up call Papi. Forget abot 2003 and the media. It is in the past. In case you haven’t noticed, its Aug 09 and you are 6.5 games behind the most over paid, over rated team in baseball. If you don’t make some adjustments soon, you’ll be watching them and the Rays/Texas playing in Oct. You guys are way too good a team to let that happen. Go SOX!

  55. staten_island_slim

    Big Papi the roids must of took your balls cuz you didnt have them at the press conference where you should of cowboyed up.
    No matter what you said 90% of baseball fans didnt believe you.
    Look at your stats before & the 1st half of 03, what is your excuse for that when it seems like you have one about everything, so look in the mirror and keep lying to yourself.
    You are a disgrace fir lying !!!!!!

  56. wtb2q@mtsu.edu

    Im confused on ny fans commenting here. go to you website. its yuckthefankees.com. leave this site alone, there is nothing here for you! go tell most of your team they are a disgrace “FIR” lying. do they not teach english in the bronx. f-ing idiots! arod is going to need steroids after he gets off that ***** kate hudson just to beat the syphillis that will onsue! PAPI- glad this site is up! nothing but love from this pc my friend. You just got thrown out vs. detroit but its cool, you got the run in. 4-0 bottom 4th. need this kind of thing happening from the bats right now. Tell wake to rub some dirt on his wounds, we need him back. Keep swinging that wood my boy. When the ***** asz yanks come to fenway, get us some vindication! Let’s do it BOSOX!! Let’s do it NATION!!!

  57. cvallada@sbcglobal.net

    Papito si usted lee esto, acuerdese, caundo alguien le sigue preguntando la misma pregunta, no esperan un respuesta, sino una reacion. Keep working guy, we are pulling for you dawg.

  58. mrzo

    Hello David, I would just like to say that you guys make me proud to have been a fan for so long, thank you, and the whole team. Now, I know you guys have been struggling lately. I’m wondering if were trying to do to much on every at bat. We seem to get a lot of contact, but mostly for deep fly outs. Do you think the team should try and play more small ball? Try and manufacture runs instead of always going for the deep ball? Sometimes you don’t need a strong fast swing to get a hit you know. Just wondering what is your guys philosophy when it comes to this. Thank you.

  59. vtex33

    WOW WHAT A NIGHT!!! Your 18th hr a double 3 runs 3 rbi and 2 bb.Big papi is geting his pop back.The redsox need that.So good luck tomorow send doc home crying and thanks for the fantasy points.

  60. ortizspeds

    Hey, Big Papi. Wow, it’s really you. Awesome, I’m a huge fan. Die hard.
    Hey, a question, Big Papi. I was just in my local GNC and was buying some supplements & I asked the guy behind the counter, his name was Irving, if he knew what kind of supplements you took, because I want to get big & strong like you. He told me that stuff was not available over the counter. I said, hey Irving, Big Papi is not a liar, if he said it was a supplement, it was a supplement. So, my question … can you tell me what you were taking in 2003 to make me big & strong like you or do I have to wait until you get to the bottom of this to find out. I mean, you should remember what you were taking, right?

  61. paula@myesthetique.com


    My hubby and I are behind you 101%. You truly have all our love & support.

    Please allow me to share this with you….
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Again, I want to thank you for taking the time last evening to pose for a picture with us at your restaurant. My hubby will never forget his 40th birthday thanks to you!!! Keep on smiling….

    With love & respect, always
    Paula Jackson XOX

  62. kmfranklin@cox.net

    WOW!! What a great game last night. You look like you are really hitting your stride this season. I know it has been a challenge this year but we are all behind you 100%. I think the team is starting to really gel together and it is going to be fun to watch the run to the post season.

    GO SOX!!!!!

  63. RedSoxNow

    I saw both of your home runs on the 26th. They were great! I’m sure if hitters could get wins along with pitchers, you would have probably gotten that one.

  64. kilborn33@verizon.net

    Thanks for giving us so much pleasure watching our Sox. You can tell how much you”re loved by all your teammates and fans. Keep it up Papi, we all love you!!!!

  65. bull39

    Cant wait for the 2010 season. Good luck David hope you have a great season .Ill be there routing you on. Boston luvs you.

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