Looking forward to October

250_ortizhomer.jpgI think we go through a lot of things during the year, but this is the time of year you love. You want to play in October. I was talking to Melvin Mora when we were playing Baltimore, and he told me, “You guys look like you’re ready go to go the playoffs.” He told me he would like to have that feeling.

It’s just a different feeling you have this time of year. You can feel the cool breeze, and you know October is on the way. A lot of people at this time of year, they’re worn out, they’re ready for vacation. I’ve been in the postseason tons of times, and it’s fun. This time, I’m thinking about postseason. I’m planning my vacation for the end of November or December. Deep down inside, I don’t want my vacation to start before that.

I remember in 2006, we didn’t make it to the playoffs, and I felt like I had too much time off. It was like, “Jeez, what should I do now? I’m supposed to be playing now.” Then, I watched the games on TV, and it wasn’t a good feeling. Not everybody gets prepared to be playing in October, but this ballclub gets prepared to be playing in October.

We’ve made some moves the last couple of months that are going to help us get where we want to go. Alex Gonzalez played here before; he knows what our goals are. Victor Martinez, this is his first time playing here, but he faced us in 2007 in the playoffs. He knows what this team is capable of doing. Their mentalityis just easy for them to make the adjustment here. They have an idea of what’s up.

Those guys, they bring a lot of energy and that hunger. They’re ready to play. Victor said to me, “I was so close to getting a ring, and you guys just kicked my butt. But now, when you can’t beat the enemy, you join them, so that’s why I’m here.”

Victor keeps me going during the game. Oh, yeah. He’ll be screaming at me, he will punch me. He’ll do whatever it takes.

By the way, everyone should check out my new restaurant in Framingham, Mass., Big Papi’s Grille. I go there when I can, and it seems like people have fun, people like the food. Man, I’m telling you, it’s really good. We have everything over there: seafood, steaks, all kinds of salads and appetizers. We’re adding things every couple of weeks, and people love it. Stop by!

Last time I was there, I hung out with some friends for three or four hours, and it was a good time. You might bump into me and my friends any time.


  1. jrumstead@yahoo.com

    Hey big guy,

    My wife Karen and I went to the game on the 8th and had lunch on the 9th at your restaurant on the way home to NJ. Food was very good indeed. Even saw Doug Flutie having lunch there too. Good luck with it and keep on swinging….it’s playoff time once again and looks like you and the boys are peaking just in time.

    From a loyal Red Sox fan since 1967…..Johnny U.

  2. wyntermute@gmail.com

    V-Mart is going all out for our team right now, and I’m glad to see the relationship you two have. He seems to keep you going, to not let you get too down or serious. It’s a game, and you’re a straight up G. Don’t forget it!

    All us fans, we’re ready for October, too. We’ve come to expect nothing less from you guys. Victor deserves a ring. Alex deserves a ring. Let’s go get one.

    Go Sox!

  3. phila

    Papi- You might think of going the other way, particularly at Fenway- and especially against lefthanders who are most always pitching you away. Even a ground ball, against that shift would most likely get you on base. Give it a shot. Good luck.

  4. pollackm@rcn.com

    You are my favorite player in baseball. I hope you win the playoffs. What are you going to be for Halloween? Sydney, age 8.

  5. hasnel23@hotmail.com

    dime a ver gran papi

    yo i just read the blog and its great. sox nation over here in lawrence mass is looking forward to october too. i wish you the best because you and the red sox are the best. bring at least the american league trophy home not let the yankee take it from you. i know you guys could do it

    buena suelte

  6. greg1969

    Good to see you posted another entry. I know playing time can tie your hands, but it had been a while between posts. Good to see you back on the blog. I hope you continue it in the off-season, let alone the post-season. !Suerte, Papi! Luego.

  7. mainevent3232@yahoo.com

    Big Papi thats what they call me too! Im excited about our playoff run and looking forward to serving the STANKEES a large portion of humble pie. Keep the bat working, your looking much more comfortable at the plate- BP2

  8. j2atmay@aol.com

    No matter how the next few days go you have to be proud of yourself and the team. The post season is a new season on to its self. Belive in yourself and belive in your co-workers.

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