Red Sox are ready to roll

pap1275.jpgI’ve always said that it’s not how you start a season, but how you finish it, and here we are in the playoffs again. It feels good, man. The playoffs to me are something where I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I just try to play the game.

Everyone is back at zero now. Every player and team that is in the playoffs, they start at zero again. I don’t know if every player thinks of it that way, and that’s why they might have a hard time in the playoffs. If you had a great regular season and if you carry that to the playoffs and think everything is going to be the same, sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s different in the playoffs. Everybody is different, and you just have to be prepared for that.

I can’t wait to get out there for Game 1 here at Anaheim on Thursday night. You know how I am, I like to get things over with. The playoffs, it’s something where not too many people are out there playing. There’s only eight teams here. You get here, you know you’re only a couple of steps away from the World Series. I know how sweet it is to be in the World Series. Not just being in it, but winning it all. It’s a great thing. That’s my goal.

The last couple of days, we’ve had our workouts here on the field, and you can’t help but watch the games being televised on the scoreboard. That Tigers-Twins one-game playoff yesterday was amazing. Today, we were watching the Yankees and Minnesota. Of course that gets you more excited to get out there. It gets your mindset there to where you want to get out there and start competing.

This started out as a tough season for me, but I finished strong. Everything that happened in the past, that’s already taken care of. A guy like me, when I struggle, it’s harder than for another guy because I have too many people that care about me and expect me to do well. They care about me, but they started driving me crazy. One day, I just said, forget about it. I turned off my phone and was just going to go and play the game like you did in Little League and not worry about stuff. Just go out there and hack.

None of it matters now. I had a good last four months of the season and here we are, playing the Angels again. It seems like we play them every year. We’ve beaten them three times in the playoffs before, but this is a whole different team than what we’ve faced in the past. They’ve got power, speed, good pitching. Great defense. They do everything. We’ve got to play well to beat them.

You get out there in the playoffs and the one thing that’s different from what we’re used to all year is that there’s no tomorrow. Like I always say, it’s ride or die time. You’ve got to go and play your best because if they catch you sleeping, you know where you’re going to be — you’re going to be watching at home. We don’t want to be there, trust me.

We throw Jon Lester for Game 1 and we feel great about that. He got it done for us all year long. He’s one of our aces. It’s time to get this going and see how we do. We feel good as a team and we’re ready to get October started again. 


  1. yanksukazz

    Redsox Nation will be there in full effect to support the team. Lackey is one of the pitchers where a few big hits really gets him mad and wild. I will be there again, just like last year fighting off the Angel fans patiently waiting for you guys to put a hurting on them. I hope you take time during the game to look at your players and see if they might need some kind of talking to. You are the veteran, you are the leader. They go where you allow them. Stand up and BE that man. Don’t bark at the umpires we already know they are terrible. Remember, they go where you allow them. Make it happen….. A fan.

  2. prosays

    You guys were made for the postseason. go out there and kick some ***. im in college and got class early mornings but you can bet your *** im staying up to watch you kick some angel butt. Play as a team and not indivisuals. Please PAPI dont argue with the umps it’s going to make it worse for the team! Just do you buddy. You guys will make it!

  3. ryandepaul

    I love how the first two people to comment say “don’t bark at the umpires”… “we already know they are terrible.”

    – How ironic is that? We all remember the calls back in Fenway, if any team should be barking or calling the umpires terrible it’s the Angel fans. Everytime you and the Angels meet, you guys get 5 breaks to their 1. (I wish that was an opinion–but it’s a fact–and arguing with facts is tough).

    This is a completely different Angels team. They are more balanced, more experienced, and 4 of their 9 hitters in the lineup from last year improved a significant amount. After all those B.S. Calls in Fenway the Angels are playing with a chip on their shoulder, they got something to prove and you guys don’t intimidate them at all like you guys did in the past. They wanted to play you, Angel fans wanted to see the Angels play you–so good luck. In the past things were different, in 2004 the team limpred in to October in 2007 people don’t remember but Guerrero was hit in the head and removed from a game, Anderson had an eye infection and couldn’t see and was removed from a game, Juan Rivera had pins in his leg and Kotchman had the flu. It’s tough to play when you have four starters out. (not to mention in ’04 it’s tough to beat a team that has their number 3 and 4 hitters putting extra things in their body)… ;]
    The Angels are hungry–goodluck

  4. knightbomb

    I believe Boston is the team with the most advantage and I will tell you why.
    1. Boston has the most experience in playoffs this decade out of all the teams right now that are in it.
    2. The Red Sox have the most championships out of all the team that are in it this decade.
    3. The have you MR. CLUTCH that thrives on pressure situations.
    4. Have players that play the game with the same joy and desire that you see on kids that play with a dream in there back yards.
    5. Have proven over and over again that this team doesn’t give up ever.
    6. Has the pitching rotation with the most successful record in the playoffs this decade.
    7. Position by position have one of the best defensive teams in the playoffs.
    8. And last but not least… The Boston Red Sox have the best fans out there and this has been proven by the record they broke with the most consecutive games sold out in a row. Not to metion the way other teams say is an electrifiying atmosphere.
    9. Want more…let me know and i’ll keep typing.

    Go Boston Red Sox all the WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ryandepaul

    Knightbomb – I am going to ignore your 1,000 spelling errors which made your post difficult to read. But I need to point out a couple things you posted that exemplifies a typical 12 year old kid posted that ^

    1. You referred to Ortiz as Mr. Clutch – You have no idea how he has performed in the postseason – WITHOUT being on roids.

    2. You say you have players that play with joy and desire? So do the Angels, as well as almost every team in the postseason

    3. You say they have proved they don’t giveup? Okay – The Angels had more comeback wins than anybody. How’s that for not giving up?

    4. You said position by position they have one of the best defenses? Yes, they do… they are ranked 4th. Angels are ranked 3rd ;]

    5. YOu say best fans out there? I say biggest yappers with no knowledge out there. That continue to flaunt their ignorance and are only a part of the bandwagon ride AFTER 2004.

    Want more? I can go on, and on, and on…

    You’re not at my level kid. Turn your computer off.

  6. bosoxfan0928

    ryandepaul –

    1. Name one person who has been more clutch in October in the past 10 years than Ortiz. And guess what. We have seen how he has performed “WITHOUT being on roids” from June – September, and I’m pretty sure he has been wearing it out, so drop that argument.

    2. If you want to see heart, watch Pedey play the game. Between him and Victor Martinez, I’ve never seen so much pride, joy, and heart in any player than those 2.

    3. Yes. We don’t give up. Don’t even try to compare that. Sox down 3 games to 0 in 2004. Down 3 games to 1 in 2007. Down 3 games to 1 in 2008 and down 7 runs with 7 outs left to play and came back and forced game 7. You show me where the Angels have played with the pressure of elimination and come back, because the last few years they’ve had the same opportunities as the Sox and come up short.

    4. I say we have the best defense. Our defense was struggling when we didnt have Alex Gonzalez for 75% of the season. He has filled our only defensive hole at SS. Currently, we have the best defense. But you keep playing Juan Rivera out in left, maybe he’ll hustle after a ball when the games on the line this time like he did at Fenway when the Sox won in the 9th.

    5. You think the Sox only have fans since 2004?!?! I guess since the last game at Fenway NOT to sell out was May 14, 2003, hmm…who was at the game for the remaining season?? Bunch of bandwagon fans that had no bandwagon to jump onto?

    Your comments are completely biased and ignorant. And then to call the Sox fans ignorant…give me a break. Try not to show your insecurities so much…

  7. juliasrants

    ryandepaul – if you want to bash Red Sox players and fans – GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! And do you know all the Red Sox fans? Let me introduce myself – I have been a Red Sox fan for over 40 years – gee – I guess myself and all the other fans like me are “so bandwagon”. YES I do believe we have the best fans in all of baseball. We believe in our Red Sox till the very end – they do not give up, they play with heart and soul and we fans believe in them until the very end. You know what – you are NOT even close to my level so why don’t you turn off YOUR computer. Oh wait – I wouldn’t say that, for I DON’T insult fans of other teams. Maybe YOU should try that and perhaps you might not come across as so ignorant.

    Papi – You know that all of RSN is pulling for you and the whole team! Good luck – you guys are the best.


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