Trying to bounce back

Papi275.jpgWe came out here in the past and were able to take Game 1 from these guys, but that’s not how it’s going to be this time. They had a great pitching performance this time. John Lackey was on. He made good pitches. What can you do?

You play to win, especially in a short series, so we’re not going to change our mindset just because of one loss. Just because you lose a game, you can’t change anything. You want to come the next day with the same mentality, ready to go, and let it happen.

When you have pitching like Jon Lester and Lackey going against each other, you know that it’s usually just going to be one mistake that’s going to be the difference and change the whole game. Too bad that the mistake from Lester was against one of their best hitters. I know Torii Hunter, I know him well. We’re close friends, and we played together in Minnesota and I know how he is. He was fired up and when he’s fired up, look out.

We had a little bit of a layoff coming into Game 1. There were no games in three days. I’m not going to make excuses, but I hate layoffs.  That’s how it goes sometimes this time of year. You’ve got to get used to it.

I didn’t have a good night at the plate, but Lackey was making nasty pitches. They don’t want to make a mistake to me, you know that. They pitched me real carefully. That’s how it is. When good pitchers pitch in that kind of game, they want to make sure they stay on top of their game.

We’re excited to get out there again for Game 2. We have Josh Beckett. You can’t ask for much more than that. Everyone knows what he’s done in October. He’s been pitching great and we need a quality start out there.



    I know what you mean about layoffs David, it’s sometimes tough to play pretty much everyday, turn it off for 3 days, then turning it back on again. Lackey was very nasty last night, Lester was too though. Hunter is a great hitter, so you have to give credit where credit is due. On the pitch Torii hit out, Lester did leave it out high and over the plate. That’s why every pitch in the playoffs is so crucial. Pitchers have to be so perfect with their deliveries, and one pitch can really hurt you. I know you guys will bounce back tonight with Beckett on the mound. Your lineup is too talented to held with no runs for long. I see you guys tying this series up 1-1 tonight. Good luck David, we all support you here in boston!!


    We believe in you Papi and in Beckett. We know you both have amazing talent and heart. The Red Sox nation is with you and our great team. I will be rooting for you in CT tonight!


    Hit that field….play your game Red Sox style……and meet you at fenway Sunday afternoon!! The place is ready to rock with the best guys in baseball!! Let’s go!!


    We are behind you all. Hear your fans in the stands. We rejoice with the wins, feel badly for all players when you lose. But all in all, the real fans remain regardless. Play on!

  5. bosox5656

    Tough game but hey no one said it was going to be easy. You been here before David. I fully trust and believe in you man. And with Beckett on the mound tonight you can’t ask for much more. We’re lucky to have two #1 guys in Beckett and Lester, reminds me of Pedro and schilling. I’m rooting for you all the way from ny, yes I know it sounds wierd cuz I’m from ny but trust me I only live here, my heart has always been with the sox, let’s go tie this series up coazzo


    Born and raised in Mass and a RedSox fan, I know everythings gonna be alright…just “Tighten Up” 😉


    Born and raised in Mass and a RedSox fan, I know everythings gonna be alright…just “Tighten Up” 😉


    We’ve got your backs guys – always.

    Last night was tough, sure, but we know it’s only fired you all up even more to go beat the Angels tonight and bring this back to Fenway 1-1.

    Can’t wait to see you all take the field tonight – I know you’ll make the loss of sleep worth it! And Papi – have fun big man – we love seeing you play!


    OMG!! What is gong on? I cannot believe we are down 2 games to none. COME ON SOX!! I never thought we would need our rally caps so soon. We waited for this all season, we have great pitching, great defense and we know we have a powerful offense. There is no more tomorrow, we have to get the job done today. I know we can do it so RALLY CAPS everyone and let’s cheer our team to the World Series!!!
    !!!!!!! GO SOX !!!!!!!


    david thanks for the great year you are a leader you choose your words with class when speaking to the nation you give young people hope of the game you never complain even if you think there wrong an handle situations the way you should i think the team needs another power hitter to help you out an i like the idea of youk to third an gonzalas at first but we will see what happens i love mike lowell who is a class act an a true proffesional maybe he can help out in other ways we will see would be nice to get holiday or bay too but lets not get greedy we won these worldseries with team players an thats what matters most team chemistry well i have twin girls 10 years old an they want dads attention so got to go talk to you soon thanks for listening ken d from kensington nh

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